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[IP] What Are the Signs That Your Insulin May Have Had The Biscuit? NEED HELP!!

Calling On the Experts!!
Yes the pump is terrific, yes Erica would attack me if I tried to take
it from her, and yes it gives us wonderful control....until this past
week.  Ignoring the fact that she may be developing a sensitivity to
Humalog (which I will address after changing her bottle of insulin today
and seeing if there is an improvement), what gives?

I guess our feet are totally on the ground now.  We have had 3 site
changes in 5 days.  Two of those changes were because I thought there
might be a problem with the cannula, but when it was taken out it was
clean and clear.  Now, I know a lot of you change every 2nd day,
sometimes every day, but we were consistently getting three days out of
her sites. Then there is that terrific mom who is making multiple
changes in one day, trying to do the best for her child, I have a lot of
respect for you all.  I am not complaining about making the site
changes, if we have to change every 2nd day, that is not too bad, as
she barely blinks with a Sil insertion now.  HOWEVER,  Her sugars have
been wild the past 6 days.  They get into range and then POOF through
the roof.  Then we got a site in on Sunday, that was working very well,
BUT, Erica had a hard fall yesterday and yes, you guessed it, she fell
right onto her site which is in her buttock.  Thank heavens she told me
right away, because when I looked at the site, and moved it a tiny bit,
blood started to flow.  God love her, she didn't get too upset, but said
"Mom, I think we better change it just in case"  We did, into her tummy,
and shortly after bolusing she was back down to the Zone.  Phew. Through
the night though, we had to give her a high BG bolus. Throughout the
past 5 days, she has had unacceptable sugars, some I blamed on an
obviously bubbly syringe, but now I am wondering if the insulin is
becoming unstable, as I got rid of the one which resembled champagne but
refilled the new syringe with insulin from the same vial.  It too showed
a BIG bubble after awhile, again something new over the past few days.
Bubbles have not been much of a problem after we got the hang of filling
the syringe.

Her insulin has been in use for just over a month now.  It has gone from
fridge to countertop (to warm up), and has been unrefridgerated for up
to 3 days at a time when travelling.  I have been battling high sugars
more over the past 5 days then over the previous 50!  At lunch time
today, I will be changing her syringe and putting fresh insulin in from
a NEW bottle.  Also, to add another variable to the equation, she has a
bad cough and raspy voice.  Usually, we don't see THIS much change in
sugars due to a cold or cough though.  So, I guess what I am saying is,
what are the chances that Humalog is no longer good?  When it breaks
down, do you see wildly swinging sugars?  PLEASE tell me you do!!

The hardest thing about all this, is Erica is worried now that her body
is not working right and she might have to give up the pump.  Last
night, I cuddled with her in bed and she was worried about the new
site.  Would it work okay?  What was wrong with her?  Things like
that...broke my heart.  I gave her a BIG hug and said "Erica what is the
worst thing that will happen if your sugars get high"  We talked about
using a syringe to bring them down, then watching sugars to see if they
remain stable, and then if necessary making a site change.  She said
that really would not be too bad, better than the old way, but I can
tell it is still worrying her.  She hasn't seen problems like this,
consistently anyway, since starting pump therapy.  But would she give it
up NO WAY!  It just hurts to see the puzzlement in her face.  Before we
couldn't wait to see the sugars, lately, I am afraid to see them.

Like I said, I am throwing out the old insulin today, and putting in a
new syringe.  I guess I just need someone to tell me that they had the
same problem, that it isn't uncommon.  After virtual bliss for the first
50 days or so, this is a real slap in the face.  She is back to feeling
yucky and I can't stand to see that after getting my little girl back
after 7 years of tradtitional therapy.  I am REALLY praying that this is
a 'bad insulin' problem and NOT a sensitivity issue.  We will, however,
cross that bridge if we have to. I can handle the problems and work them
out eventually, what makes it difficult is how poor Erica feels.

Barb..... who will have to walk around the house for the next day with
her fingers and legs crossed (should be interesting), hoping the insulin
change will be an easy answer to this one.   If not, well, the next
question will be "How do you mix insulin"?
Thanks Pumpers!

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