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[IP] Re: Insurance

I thankfully will be covered under BC/BS this fall when I start grad 
school at UNC.  However up until now I have been covered under my 
father's policy - he is self employed.  My sister and I are both diabetic 
and I am also treated for allergies, asthma, carpal tunnel and just get 
sick a lot... It is nearly impossible for us to get coverage and when we 
do, it still sucks.  We are with Kaiser Permanente - and even with the 
beaucoup de money we pay, we get NO DRUG COVERAGE.  No Strip coverage, no 
humalog coverage, no prescription drug coverage period.  THANKFULLY we do 
get 50% on, I can't remember the phrase for it, but something like 
durable medical eqiupment (ie. pump & supplies).

The choice of where I attended graduate school was largely based on where 
I could get decent coverage.  UNC offers me full coverage - Georgia Tech 
offered no insurance, and MIT offered low prescription prices through 
their student health center, but no hospitalization/dental/eye etc. 

The bottom line is that yes, insurance will rule many choices in your 
daughters life.  Unless you are under the umbrella of a large corporation 
or organization, it is *very* difficult to get coverage that is affordable.

Such is life,
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