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[IP] Diabetes, Testing...

I've read the additional postings to your thread before e-mailing you. I
agree with the others that testing is VERY IMPORTANT. I also know that
"knowing" and "doing" are two different things. I was diabetic for twenty
years and didn't even do as much testing as it sounds you are doing. I
almost always had acceptable A1Cs in the low to mid 7s. My excuses were that
it cost too much, couldn't remember to, will tomorrow, didn't want to know,
hurt my fingers (or in the old days--not going to pee in THAT cup) etc.

I now test 6, 8, 10 times a day! The "miracle" occurred a year and a half
ago. In August I had an A1C of 9 something and had been having several
nighttime reactions. It took me until late September but I really wanted to
find out what was going on...what I discovered made me horrified and scared!
I was all over the place and it didn't seem to matter what I did. My primary
care doc got involved and things were a little better but I still was
everywhere. Long story, short. I went to a diabetic clinic, agreed to
intensive management, it was discovered I had developed antibodies to the
beef/pork insulin I had been on and was switched to Humalog/Humalin, learned
to count carbs, etc., etc., still was fluctuating (but not quite as
dramatically) and went on the pump.

I often test extra in the mid morning, middle of the night, or 3 hours after
a high or site change, if still feeling "off" after a reaction, anytime I
feel "weird" (for a while I had hypo unawareness), or when I exercise. It's
a pain, but I "need" to know where I'm at. When I wasn't testing I didn't
"want" to know! Now when I'm high or low I can quickly get back on track.

I'm concerned that you have these blackouts while you're driving, even if
you don't test anytime else, please, please test before getting behind the
wheel!!!! A couple of years ago I had two nieces and a nephew with me
driving back from Vermont to Maine and the license plate of the truck in
front of me became two. I closed one eye and ate my life savers "knowing" I
was having a reaction. Unfortunately my logic flew out the window and all I
could think of was I'd soon be at McDonalds so I didn't even think to pull
over! I was VERY LUCKY that I made it to McDonalds with the kids and me in
one piece. If ANYTHING had happened to those kids, I would have gone crazy
with feelings of guilt. It's just not worth taking the chance.

Hope I don't sound like I'm lecturing here, I care. You are making a good
first step by asking "us" for help. Just remember there is no easy way, you
just have to do it and soon it becomes a habit. E-mail me anytime for
support or just to talk. If it would help, we could even set up a "chat"
time. Take care.


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