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Re: [IP] Convincing the endo!

At 08:37 PM 5/18/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >I disagree. It's not the rep. that's important, it's not the doctor, it's
 >not the CDE. What is the key to success in pumping is YOU.

That went without saying. After you get the pump, no one else is going to 
make it work, but you. No one is going to do it for you. (This assuming 
that we are talking about an older teen or an adult... children will 
definitely need help and support).

I would suspect that anyone who was not reasonably motivated wouldn't 
normally go through all the flaming hoops to convince the doctor, insurance 
companies and get the reps involved. If you recall in my original response, 
I said: "I convinced him that I was willing to do extra testing and do 
whatever it takes to make it work". That meant that I had to show the 
doctor that I was serious and willing to make the commitment.

But, once you are committed (to the pump) and you are starting the process 
to get a it, having a good rep really makes going through the initial maze 
of approvals much easier. That was my main point. Okey dokey?  :-)


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