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[IP] Re: convincing the endo and insurance for diabetics

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Convincing the endo!
> Hi everyone!  I have an apt. with my endo on the 3rd of June.  I desperately
> want to get started on the pump!  Does anyone have any ideas on the best way
> to "present my case"?  He seems like he's kind of "on the fence" in regard to
> pumping.  Any ideas on persuasiveness????  Thanks in advance!  : )

I also disagree with this knee jerk doctor firing.  I have fired several and am
all for it if it's for good reasons.

Do you like your doctor and feel comfortable with him?  If so, and if he's on the
fence, it's what we educators call "the teachable moment"--an opportunity to jump
in there with your information and enthusiasm and win him over as a partner in
your care.  Don't underestimate the effect that could have, increasing options for
many other diabetics in the practice.  I'd say your best tools are knowledge about
pumping and insight into why it would be a good thing for YOU.  I'd suggest
presenting it as a choice you have made, but giving him the chance to come on
board with you.  And yes, if he's unreasonable, insensitive, or uninterested, then
bid him farewell and find a better doctor.

And keep us posted about your success!  Mention also that it's extremely rare to
find someone who has switched to pump therapy and been unhappy with the choice.
Pumping is a good thing.  You'll love it.


> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Insurance

> So, class is now in session & I'm all ears.....Realistically, what can we
> expect Melissa to face when it comes to obtaining both kinds of insurance?????
> Regards, Renee

Depends on what she wants to do and who she wants to work for.  I have been
fortunate to have excellent insurance through work (large group).  When I'm
between jobs, working parttime, or--as now--self-employed, it's much trickier.  I
have twice kept insurance through COBRA after leaving a job, which has been a
godsend to me.  However, it is only available for up to 18 months.  After that I
have to either get another "real" job or rely on my husband's insurance through
his job.

In terms of insurance not related to employment, I have yet to find coverage that
includes diabetes care and/or can be afforded without a small fortune.  Sometimes
I work as much for the health insurance as for the money.

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