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Re: [IP] Insurance -- Long

In a message dated 5/18/99 8:47:11 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I've spent years struggling with obtaining consist health insurance.  
 started when I left home and was a college student >>
<sniped some really really good stuff for length>


Wow, what a great post.  As I read you note my head started nodding, 
remembering insurance exams that I have had to take over the years.  I have 
more experience with life insurance at work so I am more familiar with this.  
Between your post and my long one, you all should be sick of insurance info 
by now <smile>

Just as an FYI, COBRA is an acronym for Continuation of Benefits (rights of 
Americans? -not positive about the last two words).  

Law says 18 months if you terminate employment 36 months if due to the death 
of the person whose policy it was, divorce, separation or if you no longer 
qualify as a dependent under the policy (great for those early 20's!)

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