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Re: [IP] Convincing the endo!

I disagree. It's not the rep. that's important, it's not the doctor, it's 
not the CDE. What is the key to success in pumping is YOU. 
Everything else is only a step toward success. What you do with 
all those steps is important, but what you do to change and 
improve your life is the KEY. Sam is right in saying both pumps are 
great. One of them will be for you. It's all personal choice from then 
on. I like my rep., but she did not sell me, did not sell my doctor, 
did not sell the insurance co. I sold myself. I will pump for the rest 
of my longer life no matter who my rep., doctor or CDE is 
tomorrow. This pump will be with me for at least four years. I can't 
say the same for anyone else (other than my wife, *s* sweetheart) 
who was involved in this decision.

Sam Skopp wrote:
> started. My MiniMed rep also helped me a lot too. He talked to the doctor 
> and helped him write the letter to the insurance company. Having a 
> competent pump rep that's willing to go to bat for you and help educate the 
> doctor is very important. In fact, that may be the key difference in your 
> choice of which brand of pump to get. I know that it was for me... I 
> personally feel that the quality of the sales rep is more important than 
> the brand of pump that you get. (Both pumps are great!)
> Sam

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