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[IP] Fw: Insurance Questions

Dear Group:

While we are on the subject of insurance, I have a question.  While I am on
MDI they are covering my test strips, lancets, insulin and syringes.  Now
that I will be going on the pump they are only going to be paying 80/20 with
no out of pocket limit.  Is there anything I can do about this.  I work with
the Medical Director of my health plan and have asked him for some
suggestions, but he hasn't come up with any yet-he says he is working on it.

Another question I have is that they pay 80/20 for the pump, but under Home
Infusion Therapy section in contract, it state that they pay 100 % for

I am currious as to if anyone else has been in this situation and if they
found a remedie??

Thanks,  Jenny O

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