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[IP] Re: Health Insurance

My husband is currently self-employed.  I stay at home with our two young
children.  The health insurance we have for me is pretty limited but has a
reasonable monthly premium.  We obtained it off of a group plan through
Cobra and then transferred it to an individual coverage plan.  We have to
meet $1000 deductible before it pays anything at all.  This is much better
than nothing but not great by any means.  Needless to say I have tried to
obtain better plans from almost every company that I can find.  They cannot
deny me coverage any longer due to my pre-existing condition.  However, they
can and will charge me 65% higher premiums than if I was not diabetic.
This, so far anyway, has prevented me from getting any better coverage.
Health insurance has always been a battle for me unless I or my husband was
employed by a decent size company (30 or more employees).  Hope this helps.


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