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RE: [IP] Insurance

In regards to life insurance, if you currently have a rider policy for
your kids through work they must offer conversion to a whole life policy
for an equal amount at the termination of their coverage.  I have
switched jobs a few times and have converted the policies for my son
each time, even though these policies were only around $10,000 each, he
now has $30,000 worth of insurance.  He himself will have the same
opportunity each time he terminates a position that provides life

As for self employment insurance, it is always best to carry the COBRA
coverage when switching from one job to another(available for 18 months
after termination and also available to children coming of age on their
parents policy).  If you had to get self-insurance for health i would
try to see if you could join some organization that offered insurance.
There are some small business organizations that ban together to get
better insurance rates.

Leann Pruitt
mother of Alex(9 3/4) dx'd @ 5

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