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Re: [IP] Insurance

email @ redacted wrote:
> Group question:
>     I was chatting with the father of a 13 yr old diabetic & the subject of
> insurance came up.  We'd both heard that our teenaged daughters will face an
> impossible task, trying to obtain life insurance when they're no longer
> "under our roof"; but he also stated that when his daughter's no longer on
> his health insurance policy, that she'll have a very difficult time getting
> health insurance on her own from an employer. 

Wrong. Any insurance group plan offered by an employer can NOT exclude
diabetics from
the plan. 

 When I told him that I didn't
> think so because of all the adult pumpers I knew, some of whom had had
> diabetes for decades ( hence it was definitely a pre-existing condition when
> they were hired), he seemed surprised....

OK, it can ONLY be ruled as a pre-existing condition if she has NOT had
insurance unitl that time. I think it allows a 60 day span since the old
coverage went away before she gets the new coverage. This is included in
fairly new law that many people haven't heard about, but continuing
by ANY health insurance plan is the simplest, safest way or her to be
with no year gap for "pre-existiing conditions".

Life insurance may not be a problem at all, but is easiest to get under
an employers
group plan.    

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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