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[IP] Insurance

Group question:
    I was chatting with the father of a 13 yr old diabetic & the subject of 
insurance came up.  We'd both heard that our teenaged daughters will face an 
impossible task, trying to obtain life insurance when they're no longer 
"under our roof"; but he also stated that when his daughter's no longer on 
his health insurance policy, that she'll have a very difficult time getting 
health insurance on her own from an employer.  When I told him that I didn't 
think so because of all the adult pumpers I knew, some of whom had had 
diabetes for decades ( hence it was definitely a pre-existing condition when 
they were hired), he seemed surprised....
    So, class is now in session & I'm all ears.....Realistically, what can we 
expect Melissa to face when it comes to obtaining both kinds of insurance?????

Regards, Renee
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