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[IP] RE:Pump trainer!

Hello again

Not sure if anyone can help me, but I think it may of been Brian who
mentioned on to do you become a pump trainer????  Kevin who has been
pumping since Nov 97, would dearly like to offer his help and knowledge
( alot gained from this support group I might add) to other diabetics
here in New Zealand who may be thinking of pump therapy.  Kevin has done
T.V. interviews on Humalog ( Lispro) and newspaper reports advertising
his insulin pump, and the amount of enquiries from other diabetics is
overwhelming.  But how do you get established to become 'a qualified
pump instructor' or someone who can market these pumps in NZ - without
the cost being too much.  By the way the only person we know of who is
supposed to be marketing these pumps(she calls herself a product
specialist for the minimed pump) and is supposed to have the knowledge -
rings Kevin everytime for advice!!!!
Look forward to your comments

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