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Re: [IP] Convincing the endo!

At 08:51 AM 5/18/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Hi everyone!  I have an apt. with my endo on the 3rd of June.  I desperately
 >want to get started on the pump!  Does anyone have any ideas on the best way
 >to "present my case"?  He seems like he's kind of "on the fence" in 
regard to
 >pumping.  My sugars, after 15 years have really started to go haywire, with
 >many dangerous lows and also trouble with high highs.  I believe most of my
 >problems are from the long acting insulin.   I've cut way down on my 
 >but am still all over the place.  I have been on this list for 3 weeks and
 >have done much research and am very sure that I want to give this a 
try!  Any
 >ideas on persuasiveness????  Thanks in advance!  : )

When I decided to go on the pump last year, my doctor was also fence 
sitting. I just told him that I wanted to go on the pump in a very positive 
manner. I convinced him that I was willing to do extra testing and do 
whatever it takes to make it work. I also told him, that if pumping didn't 
work out for me that I'd be willing to go back to MDI, no questions asked. 
He then went along with me.

If he is not dead-set against the pump, he may go along if he feels that 
you've done your homework, that you are willing to work at it and take the 
risk. I researched the pumps and knew pretty much what I wanted when I 
started. My MiniMed rep also helped me a lot too. He talked to the doctor 
and helped him write the letter to the insurance company. Having a 
competent pump rep that's willing to go to bat for you and help educate the 
doctor is very important. In fact, that may be the key difference in your 
choice of which brand of pump to get. I know that it was for me... I 
personally feel that the quality of the sales rep is more important than 
the brand of pump that you get. (Both pumps are great!)


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