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Re: [IP] Convincing the endo!

In a message dated 05/18/1999 10:52:43 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hi everyone!  I have an apt. with my endo on the 3rd of June.  I 
 want to get started on the pump!  Does anyone have any ideas on the best way 
 to "present my case"?  He seems like he's kind of "on the fence" in regard 
 pumping.   >>

I sort of disagree with merely switching doctors, unless you are seeing an 
uneducated doctor.  If you would have said that your doc was opposed to pumps 
then I would agree that a switch is needed.  Since he is "on the fence", 
maybe you should just help him over...

If you don't already, keep a very detailed log of not only your bgs, but 
insulin and food consumed, activity and anything else related.  Show 
him(her?) where you have done everything right (correct dosage, good carb 
counts) and yet your bgs have been off.  "Do you have lows that correspond to 
when insulin peaks?   The pump will eliminate this.  Do you have highs in the 
morning?  The pump will eliminate this.  Show him that you are serious about 
your control by doing the best job you can on your current treatment plan yet 
point out where it fails.  Just the fact that you are here is a big plus, 
share some of the knowledge you have learned here with him so he can see how 
serious you are about this.  Show him that you know about the pitfalls and 
are prepared to deal with them.  Statistics are always good to have 
available, but make sure they are reputable sources. 

Many of you probably won't agree with me but I don't mind having a doctor 
question what I want, at first.  They run into so many people who aren't 
informed about things.  If I were a doc, I would be skeptical if a patient 
came to me and told me to "just do it".  Every time I get a new doc I have to 
"prove" myself before they start working with me as a team.  If they won't 
work as a team, I get a new doc and start again.  I don't mind the "proving" 
part as the benefits out weigh the bothers.  

If you are able to "convert" your doc to a pro-pumper, think of all the other 
folks you will be helping!  If you can't convince him, find another doc if 
you can.

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