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Re: [IP] Softset vs Silhouette

At 11:45 PM 5/17/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >I'm not sure I understand this right?  If I apply a piece of IV3000 before
 >inserting my Sill. am I going to have trouble with the IV3000 coming loose?
 >I hope that I am understanding what you are saying because it is very
 >difficult to get all of the adhesive off of my skin after the sill use.  I
 >like the Sil. a bunch better than the softsets except for the 

I've been using the IV3000 below my Silhouette for almost a year now. I 
rarely ever have a problem with it. Any problems that I have had are a 
little peeling around the edges when taking a hot shower and having the 
water hit it at the wrong angle. No big deal, though. The set itself has 
never moved. When it is set-change time, the whole thing peels off 
together... I don't notice any adhesive remaining.

But, you'll have to experiment with this yourself, since everyone is 
different. I use IV-prep before I stick down the IV3000. I don't know if 
that makes a difference or not.


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