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[IP] Barb and bubbles

Hi Barb
After Erika's recent excursion into the horrible BG zone with the bubble problems I thought I'd
offer another suggestion.
Because I'm partially sighted I can't see the bubbles (and sometimes
even when I've got someone else to check the tubing, they haven't seen
bubbles that were there either).
i've had a few sudden high Bgs and almost every time it's been
bubbles. What I do immediately I get an unexpected high reading is to
disconnect and put through a test bolus of about 1 unit. If the
insulin doesn't come out straight away, I know it's an air bubble
problem and can then deal with it by pushing a whole load of insulin
through the tubing. Then I reconnect and bolus to bring down the high
BG. The only time I didn't find air this way, I figured it was a site
problem and changed the set. That was when I had tried it in my thigh
so I had half expected problems with the site. 

Of course if you don't have the QR sets you can't do that (grrrr - as
I'm experiencing at the moment due to the clinic not being incredibly
efficient with ordering supplies).

Happy pumping

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