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Re: [IP] Diabetes,Testing,Blackouts,Sugar Cravings,Major Denial

I sometimes go into diabetes denial too, but then I have to think of my two 
young children and take care of myself. I also want to be healthy and live a 
long life without complications.
I do check my blood about 5 times a day-if I keep up with it I can adjust or 
eat or whatever to help myself feel better. I feel bad high and low. I will 
be starting pump therapy this September. Thank god-I need alittle more 
I also give in to my cravings but usually feel terrible afterwards. My 
excercise program has been lacking lately too-certain circumstances are 
making it hard to get into a routine. I have had that blurry vision or 
difficulty focusing too-I have even had cross eye vision too while suffering 
a low blood sugar-that really excuse me but sucks! I have had two blackouts 
since having diabetes for 20 years. Both due to lows and I also have had 
My advice to you is start testing and see how much better you feel and try to 
live a long and happy life.
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