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Oh, I remember those times, I just didn't care, there
was probably a period of a couple of years, that I
don't think I ever tested.  I know that it was
extremely stressful when i didn't take care of myself.

I really know that you must want to do something about
this or you would have never said a word.  Get
yourself a new meter, sometimes a new gadget has its
benefits especially before the newness wears off.

I personally use the fast take, I keep it in my
person, and if I start feeling weird, I test.  That
gives me a piece of mind.  That way if i realy am low,
i'm treating myself right instead of treating a
"feeling" that I'm low where I am actually high.

I can't speak for others, but when My sugars are
running high, sometimes I just get to craving those
carbs, or just food in general.  Test.  If hungry,
have something low carb, veggies or protein or
something.  Even water can help fill you up, or ice

Please write, and I'll do what I can to help out.  
You are not alone.


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