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Re: [IP] New Cartdridge-Based Meter???

That is the DEX meter, My educator stated that their
lab tests are showing that the meter readings are not
acurate, and are reading higher than the labs.

Might be again personal preference, but I had a friend
that tested hers out, and did a venus blood draw to
test her sugars, and the Dex was 150points higher.  

Hope this helps

If you want a smaller meter, the fast take and
precision QID did pass their lab testing.

- --- "Amil Vazquez Jr." <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Dear Group:
> While looking at the Sunday Orlando Sentinel, I came
> across  a
> Walgreen's ad for a new type of glucometer that uses
> cartridges instead
> of strips. If anyone has had any experience with
> such a device, please
> post a reply, or e-mail me directly, as I would like
> to see if this
> would be better than using my One Touch II 4-8 times
> daily.

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