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Re: [IP] New Cartdridge-Based Meter???

In a message dated 05/17/1999 11:43:39 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< While looking at the Sunday Orlando Sentinel, I came across  a
 Walgreen's ad for a new type of glucometer that uses cartridges instead
 of strips. If anyone has had any experience with such a device, please
 post a reply, or e-mail me directly, as I would like to see if this
 would be better than using my One Touch II 4-8 times daily.

This would be the DEX meter by Glucometer/Bayer.  I have had one for about a 
month.  It has it's pros and cons as any meter does.  I am currently 
comparing this meter to a FastTake to determine which I will stick with.

You don't have to load individual strips, instead, you change cartridges 
after 10 tests.  
Pro:  You don't have to carry a bottle of strips with you if the cartridge 
has enough tests left for the time period.  It takes less time to "set up" 
for a test.  You don't have to calibrate with each new batch of strips.
Con.  It takes longer to change the cartridges than to insert a strip.  
Instead of strips, you may have to carry cartridges.  Sizewise you could put 
one in your back pocket but I don;t know if this would be good for it.  The 
cartridge always seems to run out at the most inappropriate times (Murphy's 
Conclusion:  pay now or pay later (time wise)

I have heard people say they have had problems with accuracy.  I have not had 
this problem.  It is sensitive to technique.  You have to make sure you have 
enough blood in it or you will receive a false low reading.  You also have to 
keep it level while it counts down.  I just hold mine since I am rarely near 
a flat surface.

It uses a "pull" rather than drop method of gathering blood.  It also feels 
rather awkward at first, upside down from what I was used to.  You poke your 
finger so the blood is facing up (rather than down to drip it).  You then 
position the DEX so the tip of the "strip" is right above the drop.  It 
"sips" the blood up similar to a straw.

Let's see, what else is there...  It is small, easily fits in the palm of 
your hand (good). They have an interface cable and software available however 
they charge $30 for it (bad).  It also comes with a lancet device which is 
unbelievably gentle (good).  It gives you the results in 30 seconds and has 
memory for 100 tests with date and time (good).  The case is waaaayyyy too 
big for it (bad).  It gives you 5 different averages (great).  It cost me 
about $12 after rebates.

Hope this answers your questions.  
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