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[IP] Not as Puzzled anymore....at least I think I'm not :-)

Hi everyone,
Things are going much better today for Erica (just took a second there
to knock on wood)  In Erica's case of a high sugar Sunday, yes it was
400+, it had happened within 2 1/2 hrs of eating and receiving a bolus
(or so we thought).  It seems that Erica falls into the same group as a
lot of the kids and adults.  If she has been high for only a short time,
she is brought down very quickly and easily.  The longer amount of time
she is high, the more insulin it takes to reduce her sugars.  Last
night, after giving her the first bolus from her new site, she dropped
approx 100pts in 25mins.  Within 2 hours  of the 400 reading, she had
gone from  400 to 155, and woke up with a sugar of 124, 9 hrs later.  I
changed the syringe today and was glad to throw the old one away.  It
showed lots of bubbles still in the syringe, with a few tiny ones in the
tubing.  Since she takes such a minute amount, bubbles can really mess
her up.

As far as DKA, (knocking on wood here again, very HARD) Erica doesn't
even show trace amounts of ketones, even with sugars in the low 300's
for a number of hours. Her ketones were negative last night/this
morning, but she was only in the 400 area for a few hours.   In 7 years
of diabetes on traditional therapy, I think I only ever saw trace amount
of ketones a few times, and that was in the first few months of
diagnosis.  Oh God!  I hope I am not jinxing myself by saying that LOL!!

Oh, and Michael, I'll keep the humalog sensitivity thing at the back of
my mind.  I am really praying that the bubbles were the
problem...really, really praying :-)  Time will tell.  Keep your fingers
crossed...and toes!

So, again, thanks for all the advice, I've got a lot more to add to my

Barb....Erica's mom

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