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Re: [IP] corrections

> We are in the early stages of the pump and learning. I was told
> today that it is best not to make corrections at the 2 hour pp. OK,
> news to me. I thought we could do it then, and then learn from
> it....and hope for better next time. We try not to make corrections
> when it is close to the meal, but sometimes we do make them at the 2
> hour. Doc said it is ok to make them, did nt say WHEN to make them.
> HELP.  What is the diff with "insulin sensitivity" whether he gets
> (for instance) 10 units upfront....or 7 to start, and 3 correction 2
> hours pp?  

The "unused insulin rule" is still working. Doesn't matter if you 
pump or shoot. At 2 hours with typical absorption, 25-30 % of insulin 
may still be "in" with Humalog. You can do a hbs bolus, but you must 
take everything into account. You must take into account 
"undigested carb" which is tough and depends on the glycemic index of 
the food eaten, fat content of the meal, etc.... you'll get the hang 
of it.

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