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Re: [IP] Re: puzzled need help please...THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!


>My body has never responded to the curves that insulin is supposed to have.  
>When on MDI or the pump, if I took my R 30 minutes before eating (as 
>recommended with average tests), I would be hypo by my first bite.  I have 
>always taken my bolus with my first bite of food.  This past weekend I 
>switched to Humalog and am a bit concerned about hypos due to too rapid of
>onset.  To prevent this, I am taking my bolus as I finish eating.  So far no 
>problems.  Is this uncommon?

Actually, that is why I'm mixing H and V.  I used to go low while I was
still eating a meal when I tried straight H.  So I guess I shouldn't be
jealous of Erica's quick response, afterall.  But it seems like I still
didn't get that fast of a response if I was trying to bring down a high --
more resistant then, I guess.

Mary Jean

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