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Re: [IP] re: corrections

Hi Susan,
I was one of the ones that got reprimanded and you are right it was because
I had only been on the pump one day. I did not mind. I learned from it.
Thanks for your info, that way everyone knows that its not because the
trainers are mean.
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From: Susan <email @ redacted>
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Date: Monday, May 17, 1999 11:27 AM
Subject: [IP] re: corrections

>I think the reason you might be "reprimanded" for making adjustments at
>the two hours point is because in the beginning you need to check your
>basal rates to see that they are correct.  Once the basal rates are set,
>making adjustments is a necessary part of control, especially for those
>of us that often miscalculate carbs!  If you constantly made adjustments
>you'd have no way of knowing how your basals were working.
>Just my $0.02...
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