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Re: [IP] Puzzled...need Help Please!

In a message dated 05/17/1999 9:13:56 AM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< I'm a little new at this, why do you need to take a shot to bring down the 
 sugars?  I thought a bolus took care of that?  Help! >>

Good question Fran.  I never know if I should jump in when a post is 
addressed specifically to a person.  I will in this case as this is one of 
the things I advocate...

When you are on a pump, delivery of insulin relies upon several factors that 
all need to be in working order.  The pump itself has to be delivering the 
correct amount of insulin.  The syringe has to be full and free of large 
bubbles.  The infusion set has to be free of clogs or big bubbles.  The 
cannula has to be uncrimped and unclogged.  The site has to be absorbing the 
insulin.  The insulin itself has to be effective.

If any of these things are wrong you may not give the insulin you just tied 
to give yourself via a bolus.  Over the last 11 years on a pump, I have had 
problems at one time or another with all of these things.  "Stuff" happens.  
(as an aside, I am just experiencing the tiny bubbles many of you have 
mentioned and do not yet know what sort of problems they may cause).

When you give yourself a shot, you ensure the syringe is bubble-free.  You 
watch the insulin go into you.  You KNOW you received the insulin.

When your blood sugar is high, the primary goal should be to bring the sugars 
down as quickly as possible so you don't go into DKA.  Then, if necessary you 
need to figure out what the problem may be.  Sometimes, as in the "black 
hole" comment from Renee, there is no explanation.

The only time I don't use a syringe to bring down a high is when I know for 
sure it is diet related, like forgetting to bolus for a meal or something 
else equally as stupid.

One more thing...  you should use a different bottle of insulin when 
administering a shot in case it is the insulin that is the problem.  I forgot 
about this as I have been using Velosulin in the pump and Humalog to bring 
down highs.

Pumps are wonderful things, but as with anything, only if we realize their 

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