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Re: [IP] Re: puzzled need help please...THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!

>Erica's sugars, are usually fantastic.  She is on straight Humalog, and
>I can see them drop within 20 minutes of administering insulin.   They
>generally stay in great range whether it is one hour past a meal or two
>hours past a meal.  So, when they hadn't dropped considerably within one
>hour of my husband bolusing, I assumed the worst.


I'm a little late responding here, but just wanted to add a few more
comments.  When bg is that high, (I think you said it was over 400...) she
is likely to be more insulin resistant than usual.  It will probably take
more insulin than you would expect to bring her down.  Also, I don't
typically see a significant budge in my numbers for about an hour and a
half after a high bg correction if my bg is over about 250.  But I am using
a mix of H and V, so that might be part of it.  Sounds like Erica's
response time is faster than mine, but is it always this fast, even when
she's high?  Just curious (and jealous!)

I'm glad to hear that Erica's bg was much better this morning.  I'm sure
she didn't feel very good being that high. 

Mary Jean

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