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[IP] BG & Menses

For the last 2 months just prior to the onset my bg have gone up and I have
increased my insulin level to match. (I was told to expect this)  My problem is
that my insulin levels stay up to control my bg even after onset. I usually get
them smoothed out a week after menses. But then a week or two later here we go
again.   Although I have less problem fighting my bg after onset.  Is this going
to happen every time? If so, I'll be using a full syringe in no time! I have had
to change my basal and my meal boluses too.  Im taking 1/3 more at each meal, 
If this keeps up I'll be taking 1 unit of insulin for each gram of carb. This is
very frustrating!  Has anyone else had this problem.
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