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[IP] Re: puzzled need help please...THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!

Thanks everyone..valuable words of wisdom!!

Okay, I have learned something today.  I should have given her a needle
to bring down the sugars..then watched to see if they stayed
down....right?  That would have told me whether it was the site or
bubbles or black holes!  If they crept back up, then I would assume it
was the site and make the change.  I just automatically assumed it was
the site as we haven't really had this problem unless the site was
obviously compromised, but again, I haven't had this many bubbles before
either.  To think I could have saved two sites that looked beautiful
when they were taken out.  My husband, by the way,  is in the doghouse
for FEEDING her.  He is learning, but where I am home with her almost
all the time, his learning curve is a little more wiggly then mine.

The last time she showed a high sugar, which was the one before this
one, same syringe, (although it wasn't nearly as high and I didn't feed
her ), I gave her a needle, brought the sugars down nicely and did a
site change.  Now in hindsight, that beautiful looking cannula was
probably okay too, but the..ahem...DARN..bubbles had probably played
havoc with her readings. I should have given it more time to find out if
it was the site.  However, this only seems to happen to us late in the
evening.   I am changing the syringe shortly, like after I send this
e'mail, she just woke up with great sugars and they were wonderful all
through the night.  I should have listened to my inner voice when I was
filling that syringe, the worst one yet.  It just kept showing little
bubbles and the more I banged the side of the syringe, the more the itty
bitty bubbles would come up in a little cloud.  It hadn't reached room
temperature when I filled the syringe.

Erica's sugars, are usually fantastic.  She is on straight Humalog, and
I can see them drop within 20 minutes of administering insulin.   They
generally stay in great range whether it is one hour past a meal or two
hours past a meal.  So, when they hadn't dropped considerably within one
hour of my husband bolusing, I assumed the worst.

And Jenny, this happened just after I told another mom how well
everything was going.  Like you said in your posting to me, "just watch,
I'll get one the next time", I had said almost the same words and they
were like a prophecy!  So, either knock on wood right now, or watch that
next site!!LOL

So, I am now armed with more information, syringes will become our
friend in times of doubt, and it is good to know that sometimes there is
just no easy answer, but give the site a chance.

Bubbles.....something only a mother bubble could love :-)

Thanks again,
Barb...Erica's mom....

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