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Re: [IP] FastTake....what problems?

The problems associated with the Fast Take  occur when you only have a
small drop of blood.  The meter will start its countdown even before it has
enough blood.  This can give very erroneous readings.  The same problem
exists with the Elite that I now use, but with the Elite you have a visual
indicator on the strip to tell you if there really is enough blood.  The
lack of such a visual indicator is the reason I switched from the Fast Take
to the Elite.  The new Elite is about the same size as the Fast Take so it
is just as portable.  I like to use as small a poke hole and as little
blood as possible, so I was getting lots of false readings with the Fast
Take.  The company knows of this problem, but they just told me to make
sure to use more blood.

- - --- Mason Miller <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I am using a FastTake now, because I love its
> portability.......but I am
> concerned over the reports of unreliability here....what
> problems are people
> having?

* Wayne *

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