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Re: [IP] Puzzled...need Help Please!

In a message dated 5/16/99 11:47:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< As an old-timer, I no longer worry about what went wrong with a site or a 
 set, I just change it when needed (which doesn't happen very often). >>
    Excellent advice about by-passing the pump & going directly to SYRINGES ( 
without collecting the $200 for passing "Go") when dealing with very high 
sugars. There can de a dozen or more viable explanations for the high bgs, 
but what is of the essence is getting that bg back down to 
normal.......Sometimes the only explanation that eventually pans out for 
Melissa is that the insulin she bolused just went into some "black hole" 
somewhere. We joke that if all the insulin in that "black hole" ever does 
kick in some day, her bg should be oh about negative 300!!!....To repeat one 
of my favorite "pumpisms"- when it all works, it's fantastic...but when it 
doesn't work, it's as frustrating as it ever was on MDI.....BUT, the major 
difference we've found, is that Melissa's is so inured to checking much more 
often since her pump (3 yrs ago) that these aberrant, unexpected bgs. are 
"caught" far more frequently than they would have been on MDI, adn 
consequently are remedied far earlier.

Regards, Renee
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