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Re: [IP] RE:Meter Unwell!!

Lynette wrote:

>Can anyone help me with my husbands meter.  It's an Accu-Chek Complete
>and it's been absolutely marvellous.  We have just purchased the
>Accutility Software from a lady in Canada, but just before tea tonight a
>message came up saying:  217D Meter Error Cannot perform test.  Oh dear,


I had a similar error last week. It appeared after the countdown for the
test had completed (no pun intended). Instead of displaying the result, the
meter displayed an error code (I thought the code was 2170 or 2180), then
stated "Meter Error Cannot Perform Test".

Here's the fix, as told to me by Roche Tech Support:

Remove the batteries, wait a few seconds, put them back in. You'll need to
reset the date and time, but you should be o.k..

When I asked about the cause of the problem, Tech Support explained that
the "meter needs to be rebooted". It's like a computer". Ummm, O.K.

Bob Burnett

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