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Re: [IP] Puzzled...need Help Please!

Duck And Barb wrote:
 My husband was taking care of
> her, and fed her and gave her a high sugar bolus to bring her down.
> Well, by the time I came home, the sugar had not dropped at all, 25
> minutes after the bolus, and again with another test 50 mins past the
> bolus, there was no drop.  They had found a huge bubble in the line,
> about 2", but it was up near the pump and didn't come into play when
> they did the bolus.  I decided to change the site, and when I took it
> out, it looked great...no blood, kinking, or white gook.

OK, thing that catches my attention is that he fed her and gave her a
I've found that eating when my bg is high keeps it high for a LOT longer
than if
I bolus well before eating to correct it, then eat later to let the
level drop
before the glucose starts going up again. If there's any question about
insulin delivered by the pump use a regular syringe instead, at least
till she's
back at a reasonable level.

> The only thing I can figure is...Do you think that maybe there was a
> bubble in the cannula itself that they could not see? 

That is possible, and in combination with the above ould really play
with the bg chart.

 And, even though
> they checked the line for bubbles, they would not be able to find that.
> When they bolused to try to bring down the sugars, they would have been
> just pumping more air into her?  What do you think?  I wish now that I
> had waited, given her another bolus, and checked if the sugars were
> going down.  There are more little bubbles showing up in the tubing, so
> I am really hoping that this is a bubble problem and not something that
> is going to crop up and throw a wrench into our relatively pumping.

If she still ha bubbles in the line it's best to replace the syringe NOW 
with properly warm insulin. Saves a lot of hassle later on. Be sure to 
purge out all of the bubbly insulin already in the hose if you're still
to use the same one though.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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