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Re: [IP] Puzzled...need Help Please!

At 12:08 AM -0300 5/17/99, Duck And Barb wrote:

>I am really hoping that this is a bubble problem and not something that
>is going to crop up and throw a wrench into our relatively pumping.
>That syringe is going into the garbage tomorrow, I have never seen this
>many bubbles.
>I could use some input on this one......P L E A S E!

Hi Barb,

My guess would be bubbles, not the site. However, I usually suspect almost
everything else before I look to the site, simply because that's been my
experience. My list of variables is usually something like: bubbles,
miscalculating carbs (did it with a big blueberry muffin the other day,
oops), length of time site is in (dif. from suspecting site in general :-))
old insulin, emotional stress, etc.

I don't know that I've had a bad site since using the Sil/Comfort/Tender
(okay, watch, now I'll get one the next time I change out), unless I was
doing something else wrong, like leaving it in too long.

And bubbles can be major pains in the you-know-what. All it takes is a
small one. Think about how little a unit of insulin really is, just that
tiny little drop at the end of the needle. Then think about those of us on
.2 or .3 (or even .1) unit per hour. A bubble can take a long time to work
its way through the cannula to finally let you get insulin instead of air.

Anyway, a bubble would be my vote. :-)

Take care,


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