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[IP] Re:Excercise

I am an avid runner that just starting pumping may 4th. I was on four
injections daily. NPH was used at night and morning, and humalog at
meals. My running strategy for keeping my glucose level regulated took
some time to develop. Basically I found that I had to consume a pack of
sport gel ( GU - 25 carbs ) every three miles.
Since being on the pump my whole strategy has changed. On may 7 10-k run
400 bg, may 8 10-k run  300 bg, may 9  20 mile run 400 bg,  may 12
17mile run 300 bg.
At this time I knew something had to change. So on may 13, I ran 8 miles
and consumed  nothing but water.My basil rate was not changed for this
period of time. I left with 190 bg and 15 min. after returning my bg was
170. Looks as though I won't be buying sports gel by the case anymore.
About 1 hr. after a run I have to temp. basil at 50% for 3-4 hrs.,
depending on the length of the run. I'm sure I have more to learn by
trial and error.

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