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Re: [IP] Pump just died without warning

email @ redacted wrote:
> Before calling MiniMed I thought I would do the only thing in my control,
> change the batteries.  I had just put these batteries in about a week or so
> ago so was skeptical that this would work, but it did!  I had to reprogram
> the time and my basals, but everything is working fine now.

I'm not sure this relates at all, but I had my pump alarm loud and long
1 time.
I had to remove the bateries to get it started back up, but then it just
like yours. When I called MiniMed they told me to look carefully at the
battery holder. I found it was cracked on the bottom, and the batteries
shift when I moved a certain way, which lost the contact with the pump.

Look at the bottom of the battery holder for any new cracks there. If
that's your
problem they'll gladly send you a replacememnt.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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