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Re: [IP] Puzzled...need Help Please!

One thing that i can not stress enough for all pumpers is when you bolus
for a high and you believe that a site is bad give a regular shot just to
make sure that you get the sugar level down then you can fiddle with the
pump and bolus..

Remember those sugars are more important and the pump can wait for a bit.

it can just be hormones, stress, activity, high protein/fat in the meals,
as well as  several other things..

which insulin are you using?  also how do the numbers look before her meals
and about 2 hours after?

I know on some of readings before and 2 hours after the meals my sugars are
great just to see them raise 3-4 hours after the meal once my humalog stops
working and the protein and fat starts to turn to sugar..

hope this helps sum..

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