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Re: [IP] Re: BG meters

In a message dated 5/16/99 8:00:40 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< But I, too, finally
 got fed up with doing  this chore manually, and now just download it
 from my OT Profile meter whenever I (or my endo) need to see numbers and
 the charts show all kinds of trends, averages, etc.  They are neater,
 easier to read, and impress the docs no end! :) >>

What other sort of info do you keep in the Profile?  I thought about going 
with this meter (Or the Complete) but opted for the size of the DEX (and am 
now trying the FastTake).  Is there a way to add external data to the Profile 
(like if I use the DEX to test)?

I'm trying to write everything down now, who knows, maybe I will just get in 
the habit and continue.  I've been trying to make it part of my "getting 
ready for bed" routine every night.  I can get the boluses from my pump and 
the bgs from my meter.  I can remember what I have eaten and any other events 
of the day.  So far, so good.

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