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[IP] Exercise

I have recently increased my mountain biking to a two hour work out. I have 
tried a variety of approaches. The first month when I was biking for only an 
hour I tried taking my pump off for the hour. This seems to work with less 
enduring work out but I found every time I finished my ride my blood sugar 
started at 140 and I finished in the high 300s. Last week I did an 18 mile 
ride and decided to try cutting my basal rate to 50%...the same results 
occurred.....very high blood sugars in an hour. I am guessing my blood sugar 
is dropping and glycogen from my liver is kicking in. I plan to check my 
blood sugar on my next ride every thirty minutes. 

Any suggestions????? 

Karen I had the same thing happen.  I started my pump three weeks ago and I 
exercise every morning.  3 mile walk/jog, then a 30 minute aerobic workout 
(Tae bo).  I get up at 5:30 to do this and my workout lasted about 1 hour.  I 
found that my blood sugars were also in the high 200s or low 300s with a 5 am 
of 100-120.  What I did was change my routine slightly.  I get up at 5:00am 
test my sugar, then eat a small breakfast (15 carbs with a protein), I don't 
give a bolus and suspend the pump.  I then do my workout starting at 5:30 and 
test again at 7 am and at 8am.  I found now that I do it that way I don't go 
to low and rebound.  Blood sugars at 7 and 8 never go over 130.  I hope this 
gives you some ideas.

dx 1982 at age 16
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