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[IP] Puzzled...need Help Please!

Okay, I need help with this one.  Erica has been getting three days out
of a site almost ALL the time. On Thurs night, I made a complete site
change, and had a LOT of trouble getting the bubbles out of the insulin,
because it hadn't warmed up enough I think.  Anyway, we have been seeing
a bunch of bubbles in this syringe..I am changing it tomorrow (Monday).
On Saturday, sugars are doing great, then they start climbing, it has
been two days since the last site change, but it was done in her tummy
which is not as consistent as her buttocks.  So, I chalked it up to a
tummy site problem and inserted a new set. The  cannula that came out
looked great.  No kinking,  no blood, no gooky stuff..a .little
confusing to me.  Anyway with new butt site in, sugars came down real
fast, stayed beautifully, then today after supper, one day after the
site change,  her sugars shot up to 414.  My husband was taking care of
her, and fed her and gave her a high sugar bolus to bring her down.
Well, by the time I came home, the sugar had not dropped at all, 25
minutes after the bolus, and again with another test 50 mins past the
bolus, there was no drop.  They had found a huge bubble in the line,
about 2", but it was up near the pump and didn't come into play when
they did the bolus.  I decided to change the site, and when I took it
out, it looked great...no blood, kinking, or white gook.

The only thing I can figure is...Do you think that maybe there was a
bubble in the cannula itself that they could not see?  And, even though
they checked the line for bubbles, they would not be able to find that.
When they bolused to try to bring down the sugars, they would have been
just pumping more air into her?  What do you think?  I wish now that I
had waited, given her another bolus, and checked if the sugars were
going down.  There are more little bubbles showing up in the tubing, so
I am really hoping that this is a bubble problem and not something that
is going to crop up and throw a wrench into our relatively pumping.
That syringe is going into the garbage tomorrow, I have never seen this
many bubbles.

I could use some input on this one......P L E A S E!

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