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Re: [IP] corrections


Whether or not to correct by taking more insulin 2 hours after a meal depends on:
1). how much insulin you still have coming and 2). how much food you still have
coming.  So, if Kevin ate mostly carbs and a reasonably light amount, its probably
safe to say at 2 hours most of it has been digested so his bg won't continue to rise
too much further.  If he ate lots of fat or a large total quantity, than he may have
a lot more food coming and the bg may continue to rise.  Conversely, you need to
have a sense of his insulin use.  If he is using humalog, it may be mostly gone in 2
hours (you can use the insulin used rule for this), if you are using regular, it
will be just starting to peak so you have quite a bit more coming.  Depending on how
the two match up (or don't) you can make an educated guess about whether more
insulin will crash him later or will take care of the extra.  I find an easy way to
understand this is to graph the carbs and the insulin and to remember to stretch the
carb line depending on the size of the meal and action time of the food itself.
This lets you actually see how it works.  After you've done this once, you will have
a sense of what it is you are trying to decide.You get better at this with
practice.  Don't stress too much if it isn't exact for a while.  You'll get there.

Good luck!

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