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[IP] Pump just died without warning

I had something weird happen yesterday and wondered if any of you had any 
idea what happened as I have never had this occur in the 11 years I have had 
the pump...

I bolused at 10am for breakfast.  Four hours later (2pm) my bg was a bit high 
so I was going to take a high bg bolus.  When I opened the case on my pump, 
the display was blank, no time.  It would not respond to any button pushes.  
I had not received any alarms that I heard, even if I did get a lo battery 
warning, it wasn't showing at 10am.

Before calling MiniMed I thought I would do the only thing in my control, 
change the batteries.  I had just put these batteries in about a week or so 
ago so was skeptical that this would work, but it did!  I had to reprogram 
the time and my basals, but everything is working fine now.  

I will be calling MiniMed tomorrow but in the meantime I am constantly 
checking to see if I am still powered up.  I switched over from Velosulin to 
Humalog yesterday and am testing every hour so I doubt if I will run into 
problems again.  I am just curious if anyone has ever had this happen or if 
you have any ideas why it may happen.  

I did have an ultrasound last week and did not take the pump off but have 
never heard that I was supposed to.

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