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[IP] the hug

You know - I am in a bad mood, and it has nothing to do with bolood sugar or 
even a doctor!

I have been a member of this list for almost two years.  I think I have 
proven that I KNOW the rules.  I KNOW not to re-post things and I KNOW not to 
use HTML and most importantly, I KNOW you are not supposed to send things 
like the hug,  IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!  Jeez Louise!  Back off people!!!!!  I 
am on vacation, I emailed myself my entire address list so I could correspond 
to the people I CARE about - YOU people just happen to be some of them.  i 
sent that hug out FORGETTING that the IP address was in there

If I get one more person chiding me for this accident, you can bet I will be 
off this list for good.  I am 20 digests behind because some of you keep 
filling the digests up with stuff about ducks and penguins and how to use 
email programs so you can see HTML.  I am also sick of people not changing 
the title of their posts - this is NOT about insulin pump digest #275!!!  

And as long as we are on the subject, I apologize PROFUSELY to all those 
people who were so irritated at my previous post about the 90% versus 
10%...When I read that article, and again when I re-read it, I thought they 
were referring to the 90 % of DIABETICS  not 90% of AMERICANS.  As I said 
before, EXCUSE ME!!!!  I made a mistake and boy am I sorry!

I better go check my blood sugar cuz I am so pissed right now I am sure it is 
really high.

Having a ball in Texas, but really irritated at you people out there in the 
"virtual" world.

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