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Fw: Subject: [IP] Sites and Swimming.....do the two mix

> <<We went swimming today and
> after Brandon got out of the pool we had to change the site due to tape
> coming up. Is this normal and we are going to have to change his site
> everytime he swims or is there something that I can do so that we are
> changing sites every three days? >>
> No, you don't have to change the sites after every time of swimming, but
> may have to use something to make the tape stick better.  We use a
> non-prescription liquid called Tincture of Benzoin that you can swab under
> loose edges of tape with a Q-tip, or if you know you're going to be
> swimming, use under the site before you stick it down the first time.
> Others use Tegaderm over the site.  Others use one of the IV prep
> So, find something that helps them stick better, and avoid the extra site
> changes that he hates.
> Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

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