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Subject: [IP] exercise

<<I have recently increased my mountain biking to a two hour work out. ...I
found every time I finished my ride my blood sugar started at 140 and I
finished in the high 300s. >>

It's really adrenaline kicking in.  My 10 year old has the same problem with
3 hour gymnastics workouts.  She really needs MORE  insulin right before
exercise, rather than less, but of course, needs the extra carbs to cover
the insulin plus the exercise.  What we've found is that she needs 0.4 units
to suppress the adrenaline surge, and eats a 17 gram sugar free yogurt cup -
the natural sugar works well to cover the first hour of exercise and the
extra insulin, and the protein works well to cover the second hour of
exercise.  She usually snacks after about 1.5 hours of her workout (the
whole team takes a break), and she covers that snack with the usual amount
of insulin, minus about 0.4 units, to give her a little unmatched carb for
the second half of practice.  If she disconnects, her sugar will be 300 +
every time after practice - same with with swimming, biking, etc.  Then,
after practice is done, she needs less insulin, so she uses a 1:18 ratio for
supper instead of her usual 1:15.  That works without changing the basal
rates for her, but you could do, that, too.It's actually covered in John
Walsh's Pumping Insulin book, in the chapter on exercise.  So, figure out
what works for you, and just smile when you read about all the athletes who
can disconnect, and say, "Maybe it works for them,  but not for me."

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

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