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Re: [[IP] Pumps and MRIs]

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email @ redacted writes:

<< Ten years later I was diagnosed with severe
 proliferative retinopathy and have since had 12 laser treatments. So if you
 have not had a dilated eye exam, I would definetly suggest that.  >>


Thanks for the advice.  I have regular eye exams (every 6 months) and have 
been through the laser/vitrectomy/cataract removal thing already, the eyes 
are quite stable and healthy (I attribute this to good control).  I went to 
my GP rather than my opthamologist because the loss was so sudden and I also 
had a headache at the time.  If I would have had floaters or flashers or it 
would have been gradual or not returned so completely, I would have gone to 
the eye doc.  

My GP said she was going to talk to my Opthamologist and see if he felt I 
should see him.  The next thing I heard from her office was that the MRI was 
scheduled so I guess my eye doc didn't feel the need to see me.

She explained that there is some reason why the blood vessel that "feeds" 
that portion of my brain got clogged up.  It either unclogged or other 
vessels rerouted to get to that area.  It wasn't clogged arteries (yeah!  
Shows that my work at keeping my cholesterol down have paid off!).  

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