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Re: [IP] corrections

I new at it too. I bolused after doing the 2hr after dinner reading and was
reprimanded. Was told only to bolus at meal times. This might not help but
thought to share my experience.
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Date: Saturday, May 15, 1999 10:34 PM
Subject: [IP] corrections

>We are in the early stages of the pump and learning. I was told today that
>is best not to make corrections at the 2 hour pp. OK, news to me. I thought
>we could do it then, and then learn from it....and hope for better next
>We try not to make corrections when it is close to the meal, but sometimes
>do make them at the 2 hour. Doc said it is ok to make them, did nt say WHEN
>to make them. HELP.  What is the diff with "insulin sensitivity" whether he
>gets (for instance) 10 units upfront....or 7 to start, and 3 correction 2
>hours pp?
>Just trying to grasp all of this and do the right thing....
>Mom of kevin (pumping 1 week)
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