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Re: [IP] corrections

	Hi.  It sounds like you are talking about two (2) different things.  1. =
Bolus for what you 'think' Kevin is going to eat and then adjusting at =
the end of the meal for what he 'really' ate.  2.Bolus for the entire mea=
l and doing a 2 hr pp to check if bolus was correct.
	The point of the 2 hr wait is to make sure that the H has peaked and is =
'burning off'.  If you do a correction too soon, you will be adjusting =
based on a 'false' high.  There is a really good chart in the box of H =
that shows peak and duration.  Figure 2 shows the 'burn off' time and Fig=
ure 3 shows the Bg stabilizing at 2 hrs.  You and Kevin need to know how =
sensitive he is to H, a 2 hr, pp may be just right to do a correction OR =
it may be too soon.  Good luck.~Frank

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