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Re: [IP] Disetronic battery tips

Bob Burnett wrote:
> Re: The recent thread on Disetronic batteries, here are some ideas:
> 1)  Check the expiration date on the battery. The "expiration date" is
> stamped on the side of the metal case. Examples include: OCT00R (October
> 2000); FEB01R (February 2001). I just used a battery stamped JAN99R, and it
> lasted little more than two weeks. Another replacement coded FEB99R lasted
> an equally short length of time. Not a problem, since I knew each battery
> had passed it's expiration date 3 and 4 months earlier - I was ready when
> they alarmed.
> 2)  Rotate your spare batteries. I keep extra batteries stashed in my desk
> at work, and with my pump supply travel kit. Every time I get a new pack of
> batteries, I check the ones I've stashed, rotate them into my pump as
> appropriate, then replace them with some of the newest ones.
> 3)  You can check whether a battery has truly depleted by switching it into
> the other battery chamber in the pump. For example, if you get an 03 error
> (battery in compartment 03 is kaput), remove it, swap it into the 02
> battery chamber. If you then get an 02 error, you know the battery you just
> put in there (the "suspect" one from the 03 compartment) is history.
> Definitely time to replace the battery.
> 4)  The 03 battery controls the pump electronics - the display, both
> microprocessors, etc. The 02 battery controls the motor itself. Intuition
> says that the 02 battery (motor) will deplete first, but I've never found
> that to be true. I tend to use low basals most of the time, don't take very
> large boluses, with an average daily total usage of about 26 - 30 units.
> I figure my pump(s) electronics get more of a workout since I use temp
> basal rates frequently. I run through about twice as many batteries in the
> 03 chamber as I do in the 02 chamber. (For the MiniMed pumpers who are
> wondering what I'm talking about, there are two battery chambers on the
> Disetronic pumps, one numbered 03, the other numbered 02. There is no
> difference in the battery that goes in each chamber - they just control
> different things). My 03 batteries last about 2 months, my 02 batteries
> last about 4 months. This 2 month life expectancy is pretty close to what I
> got on my MiniMed 506, so I'm comfortable with it.
> Remember - YBLMV - Your Battery Life May Vary <g>
> Bob Burnett
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My name is Tom Roth & a couple of weeks ago you were thoughtful enough
to offfer some suggestions to questions I had E-mailed to you about
exersize, diabetes & the pump.  You also suggested this site, which I
"signed up" for, and have found very helpful!!  Thanks, Tom Roth
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