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Subject: RE: [IP] BG Meters

I just got the AC complete myself and noted BG's are the one thing that can't 
be entered or modified from either the meter itself or uploaded data.

So I opened the data file into an excel spreadsheet and bingo! The files are 
comma delimitted. The problem is any editing you do is only done to that 
particular data dump from the meter, and once you've monkeyed with the data, 
the file cannot be used with the accutility report program (unless someone 
else knows a way).

I guess the answer is that you can't really mess around with other meters 
once you've committed to the Complete.

Susan K wrote:

Specifically, I would like to be able to enter the BG
values that I get on the other meters.  That is the only
thing that you can't enter directly into the AccuChek

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